Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SO tired!

we're so exhausted from today, our appointment at wedding couture's studio was at 7am. But we woke up at 620am! LATE LATE LATE. friends who knows us, that's not something new. hehe. we arrived at 730am, i didn't really time the make up artist, but approximately 8ish, we were in the studio snapping our first wedding photos.

i was probably one of the make up artist's (jaslynn) easiest or fussiest customer. depending how she sees it. I told her, i like it to be simple, no big head pieces, natural lips but dramatic eyes, no tiara, no pink or red eye shadows. HAHAHA!

My first look, she gave me a tiara, but when she put it on, i did feel like a princess, she told me it's a simple tiara, not so kua cheong, and it's more like a hair band. So okay lah! i agreed. *giggles*

And when i went up to the studio, i told the photographer (ah D), we want, natural, happy, romantic, and some black and white photos. :P He said, all he will do is, teach us how to pose.. and it's all up to us, to smile naturally, and look happy.. I think we did well, they said we look as if we're doing darlie ads!

Anyway, this is supposed to be a short blog. Cause am so tired...

We came back home at 8pm. :) i took some photos, but.. next blog lah.. i'll post up..

i promise lahh.

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Su Ann said...

I wanna see the photos!