Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finding the Perfect Wedding Gown

A friend of mine, I shall call her.... Bridezilla. *giggles* is getting hitched! Congratulations!

Anyway, she's planning her wedding too, and we've been exchanging notes. It's really fun that we're kinda planning the wedding together.. It's like girls playing masak-masak together! :) (i love masak-masak)

I was just thinking the other day that, weddings does bring people together. My sister in law, brothers, friends, my friend bridezilla who we haven't seen for ages, are now chatting almost everyday!

Anyway, i'm going off topic as usual... finding the perfect wedding gown, is not super easy at all! i wanna look super pretty, DDG (dropdeadgorgeous), outstanding, and i wanna have the 'wow effect'! hahaha.. not easy i tell ya!

Unfortunately for me, due to budget constrain, i have to go with rented gowns, they only alter at the sides of the chest area, not the hips nor the length! just imagining myself trip and fall flat on my face! so embarrasing.

Well, there's a shop in town (don't remember the name), that you tailor make your wedding gown, according to your budget and style, and after the wedding, you can sell it back the shop, of course at a loss lah! but its like renting a gown fitted just for you. If i knew about this earlier, and if budget allows, i would have done this, and forgo the typical bridal wedding package.

Oh well too late now..

People tells me, oh you're lucky cause you're tall and slim, any dress would look nice. But i seriously doubt so and can't make up my mind, if i should go for the classic A line, or Empire cut, or the Mermaid cut, Halter, Chinese collar, Strapless, with Strap. Sometimes i think life shouldn't have so many options's already super complicated... and people say planning a wedding is fun or supposed to be fun, me and bridezilla has concluded, it's not entirely true, not one bit. It's stressful, and the arguments... the different opinions.. Whoops, out of topic again..

I'm not sure if it's bad luck to post up photos of me trying the wedding gownsss.. but i'm indecisive.. i need my gal friends to help me out.. and i need simon cowell's kinda critic. :P however the below dresses are not my short listed gowns.. I've spent 3 hours trying different dresses, (i had a spinning headache towards the end), i spent my time in a 3x3 space behind curtains with the sales assistant i barely know, she stripped me down till i had only my undies left!!

Sighs. What we (brides-to-be) go through to find the perfect gown!!

the gals made me try the short wedding gown. :P

Monday, January 19, 2009

Personalised Stamp

The newage wedding ceremony is no longer the same as our parents era. Theirs are super traditional and can also be super simple compared to what the wedding business has to offer now.

We want personalised invitation card, we want custom made logo on our cards, we want personalised decor in ballroom, we want our faces on our wine bottles (yes, all u need is $$), we want personalised wedding favours, we want entertainment, different sorta entertainment, liveband, dancers, singers, big walk-in, ah kua shows.. the list goes on... all this because we want to be DIFFERENT.

Strangely, my dad was the one who told me about this personalised stamp for any special occassion. My dad who is a hardcore stamp collector, want me to pay RM500 for me to get myself personlised stamps, with our faces on it. so people can lick it and stick it on envelopes, so my dad can put it in his safe box along with his other first day covers. :)

sample from

i think our personalisation will go next to the teddy bear. o_O

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

we're legally bonded!

Finally 2nd January arrived and has past...

For some reason i couldn't fall asleep, my head was wide awake, it was thinking and thinking and thinking.. (i dunno what it was thinking, but definitely it was thinking).. my eyes and my body was so tired and drained out! it was 1ish am when i went to bed, i had to wake up at 6am to look pretty and SUPPOSED to leave the house at 7am. (yea, we were late, but not as late as the groom;)

And i thought to myself, it's not even the real day! (i dunno what time i switched off though)

BUT i managed to wake up at 6am, and for those who knows me, I LOVE TO SLEEP (who doesn't?) and always wakes up the latest! *giggles*

Apparently, my parents couldn't even sleep! How strange right? We thought to ourselves, it's just signing of papers, not even the real day.. Even my sister in law had to toss and turn!

I seriously cannot imagine on the REAL DAY!

I better standby some *coughs* medication.. :P

So of course, i didn't wake up with a pretty face, my eye bags were so thick and dark circles were like panda eyes! So it's good that we had this Jan 2nd day.. we know what to expect.. :)

We told ourselves, 1 week before the wedding day, we have to change our body clock, sleep early and wake early. and probably have to settle all the 'things to do' list one week before hand.

Y'know, at 5pm, i just crashed! K.O. my knees were aching my eyes were tearing my body just stopped functioning.

Like i said many times, O-M-G! actual day HOW!!!

Oh, AND i'm now Legally MRS. SOON. :)

Photo of the Year

Thursday, January 8, 2009

it's not where you go but who you go with

My hen's trip is going VERY well.. JT the organiser, has BOUGHT our air tickets to Kota Bahru!! WOO HOOOOO!!! at a very affordable price, RM118 without check-in baggage.

We're going in JULY. The trip is open for to all my GIRL friends, so are you a girl? You're INVITED!

NO BOYS ALLOWED! sorry! hehe..

SO based on my poll, which only 3 girls clicked and voted.. we're going to PERHENTIAN! some of them, emailed me instead. -_-

Bangkok would be nice if it was a smaller group, like 4 pax. taxi, transportation, rooms etc.. shopping in a very crowded place eg: chatuchak. Would be much much easier.

That was one of the reasons why we chose perhentian over bangkok.

Anyway, we're going to Perhentian Kecil!! Most of us has been to Perhentian Besar, and not the kecil, and apparently it's much more fun at kecil..

or shall i say there's....
booze and gwai lous. :P

not that i'm into both of em'... but for my fellow girlfriends.. *evil grin* ^_^

We're not sure if we should go there and pamper ourselves, like check in to BUBU resort, OR, be adventurous ... pack our bags, fly there, without knowing which chalet to check in to. -__-

But we risk not able to stay together if we're travelling in a big group, or risk getting smelly toilets and mouldy pillows!!!



i can't wait. :))

it is now 2009!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Part 1 of Frustration

ARGHHHHHHHH! i can feel my heart explode internally! my muscle are all tensed and my heart is either beating really fast, or has stop. i don't think i have a heart anymore!


soo so oo sooo tempted to change hotel, but before i threaten the hotel, I WANNA CANCEL MY BOOKING, (lucky i'm still a lil' bit rational), i called 2 other hotels, it's on wait list!!!!!!!!

so i guess i have to swallow my heart and find a new heart..

and ... pray hard and ... ... and.. i don't know whatelse to feel.. or say..

I've paid my deposit in October 2008 that's like 1 year before my actual wedding date, and the girl evonne who we loved, was transfered to another division, and replaced with supposedly better guy, ASSiSTANT MANAGER, my ARSE! ... he promised me the revised quotation for dunno how many years ago, now 2009, also haven't receive yet.. but one day he called me to ask me if i want my additional deluxe rooms as complimentary vouchers so i can use it another time! WTF. of course to use that night right! then he told me, okay i have to check availability..

SO last night i e-mailed him, because its .. like i said 2009 january already.. and he just called me to tell me, the hotel is FULLY BOOk! WTF. only able to give me 1 bridal suite and 1 additional deluxe room, the other one he can only give me complimentary voucher! SO usually i'm very calm, and i just said ok ok whatever.. but then.. i've decided to raise my voice! I BOOK and PAID DEPOSIT in OCT, and now 2009 u TELL me it's FULLY BOOK!!!! ridiculous right? I said you should have book there and then.. THEN WHAT ABOUT MY GUESTS who wants to stay over! he asked me, how many additional rooms i need! that's besides the whole point, u are telling me its fully book!

SOOOOOOOOO... i was and still am so angry with him..

i wanna change hotel, but the others are on wait list!!

and now he just sent me an email, because of me raising my voice, he just throw me some sweets.. giving me extra flowers, extra sugar and sweets..

soooooooooooo.. i dunno if i wanna change hotel now.. besides, the rest is on wait list, asking me to give alternate dates!


No #1 frustration from my one year planning of the BIG-DAY.

*the color RED does not only mean love and romance but also for ANGER! @_@

Monday, January 5, 2009

My DIY Wedding Bouquet

We went to Petaling Street to get our flowers on New Year's Day evening!

The Cost:

RM24 for 20 stalks imported red roses
RM24 for 20 stalks imported white roses
RM13 for 20 stalks small red roses

RM5.90 for green floral tap
RM1.60 for pins
RM1.90 for white ribbon
RM5 for satin ribbon
Rm9 to remove thorns and leafs from 60 stalks of roses
RM2.90 for safety pins

Total spent : RM 87.30

spending our (me, s.a, wk) new year's night trying to make the bouquet several attempts and 13 corsages


Holding on to a bouquet that we personally made and my friend wk the real estate engineer now cum florist totally save my bouquet. The internet and video made it soo simple, however making the bouquet a perfect round wasn't as simple, i bought those green floral sponge for plan B, just in case my hand held bouquet failed. Plan B was to insert all the roses into the floral sponge, sounds simple again, but i'm sure its not easy making it a perfect round.

Here we go again, ...... the moral of the story is : Go order your bouquet from Petaling Street's wholesale florist it's still cheaper than retail florist. If you wanna have your own personal touch, and be proud of holding onto something you've made, buy pain killers, you need it for the headache!

Overall, it looks 'oh so pretty, and so lovely'..

i wanted to have even number of whites & reds but the white roses were smaller, so we chosed 2 white stalks to symbolize me and mervin and red to symbolize our love! (cheh wah)