Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Part 1 of Frustration

ARGHHHHHHHH! i can feel my heart explode internally! my muscle are all tensed and my heart is either beating really fast, or has stop. i don't think i have a heart anymore!


soo so oo sooo tempted to change hotel, but before i threaten the hotel, I WANNA CANCEL MY BOOKING, (lucky i'm still a lil' bit rational), i called 2 other hotels, it's on wait list!!!!!!!!

so i guess i have to swallow my heart and find a new heart..

and ... pray hard and ... ... and.. i don't know whatelse to feel.. or say..

I've paid my deposit in October 2008 that's like 1 year before my actual wedding date, and the girl evonne who we loved, was transfered to another division, and replaced with supposedly better guy, ASSiSTANT MANAGER, my ARSE! ... he promised me the revised quotation for dunno how many years ago, now 2009, also haven't receive yet.. but one day he called me to ask me if i want my additional deluxe rooms as complimentary vouchers so i can use it another time! WTF. of course to use that night right! then he told me, okay i have to check availability..

SO last night i e-mailed him, because its .. like i said 2009 january already.. and he just called me to tell me, the hotel is FULLY BOOk! WTF. only able to give me 1 bridal suite and 1 additional deluxe room, the other one he can only give me complimentary voucher! SO usually i'm very calm, and i just said ok ok whatever.. but then.. i've decided to raise my voice! I BOOK and PAID DEPOSIT in OCT, and now 2009 u TELL me it's FULLY BOOK!!!! ridiculous right? I said you should have book there and then.. THEN WHAT ABOUT MY GUESTS who wants to stay over! he asked me, how many additional rooms i need! that's besides the whole point, u are telling me its fully book!

SOOOOOOOOO... i was and still am so angry with him..

i wanna change hotel, but the others are on wait list!!

and now he just sent me an email, because of me raising my voice, he just throw me some sweets.. giving me extra flowers, extra sugar and sweets..

soooooooooooo.. i dunno if i wanna change hotel now.. besides, the rest is on wait list, asking me to give alternate dates!


No #1 frustration from my one year planning of the BIG-DAY.

*the color RED does not only mean love and romance but also for ANGER! @_@

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