Monday, January 5, 2009

My DIY Wedding Bouquet

We went to Petaling Street to get our flowers on New Year's Day evening!

The Cost:

RM24 for 20 stalks imported red roses
RM24 for 20 stalks imported white roses
RM13 for 20 stalks small red roses

RM5.90 for green floral tap
RM1.60 for pins
RM1.90 for white ribbon
RM5 for satin ribbon
Rm9 to remove thorns and leafs from 60 stalks of roses
RM2.90 for safety pins

Total spent : RM 87.30

spending our (me, s.a, wk) new year's night trying to make the bouquet several attempts and 13 corsages


Holding on to a bouquet that we personally made and my friend wk the real estate engineer now cum florist totally save my bouquet. The internet and video made it soo simple, however making the bouquet a perfect round wasn't as simple, i bought those green floral sponge for plan B, just in case my hand held bouquet failed. Plan B was to insert all the roses into the floral sponge, sounds simple again, but i'm sure its not easy making it a perfect round.

Here we go again, ...... the moral of the story is : Go order your bouquet from Petaling Street's wholesale florist it's still cheaper than retail florist. If you wanna have your own personal touch, and be proud of holding onto something you've made, buy pain killers, you need it for the headache!

Overall, it looks 'oh so pretty, and so lovely'..

i wanted to have even number of whites & reds but the white roses were smaller, so we chosed 2 white stalks to symbolize me and mervin and red to symbolize our love! (cheh wah)

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