Thursday, October 8, 2009

16 more days

and i can feel pimples are popping out! stress dots invading my face!

i need to go to the florist, to settle my hair piece, flowers for corsages, thinking of getting centerpiece for the Table No 1. cause i saw the taitong's fake flowers looks so miserableeee... and *-ugly...

oh my seating arrangement is all settled!! i think we did pretty well. Hopefully we don't get any complains later on, but... ... will see how it goes. :P

We settled our photos with the bridal shop, so next week we get the photo album. YAY!! oh, and Cashyn from Wedding Couture is nice, she agreed to give me car ribbons for the heng dai! and some chinese stickers too! At first she didn't wanna give me, but i guess since we've created a 'special' bond, she agreed.

i'm brain dead right now. all i can think of is i have only 1 weekend left to the wedding, since this weekend i have my FRUIT CARVING course. *sighs*. 5 full days classes. i hope i graduate with flying colours that i can carve something nice for the centerpiece!

My ji Muis are the best! they are super brainstorming on how to torture the boys! and the boys are like waiting to take their revenge on 24th night. :)

and though we had our hen's trip. the girls are planning for a hen's night!! 14th Oct, we're going mambo jumbo. YAY! i think the night out its more for the girls to have fun.. and hoping to get me drunk. but i don't want to end up puking and getting dragged out from the club.. i wanna walk out stunning. and yet, they don't care. how evil.

*thinks that weddings are bad for health - it causes high blood pressure, hyper tension, shoulder aches, pimple outbreaks, insomnia, nightmares .. many more..