Friday, April 24, 2009

great minds think alike :)

yknow, we have 4 weddings to attend this year including ours! *haha*

One next month, ah seong & rachel, then come ours in October, then November is edwin & wendy, then December is gloria & cheow.

seong n edwin n mervin hangs out in one same group! and all three of them have hired the same wedding photographer!

--- totally out of topic ---

OMG!!! i just click on their site and read this!!

Posted by edwintcg on March 6, 2009

With Immediate Effect, MyWeddingMomentz who consist of both Edwin & Stephen’s work will now split into individual path. Those couple who signed up with us before shall have the same package with same photographers and for all new request/inquiry or assignment, pls refer to individual photographers packages as below website:

Edwin Tan Photography
Stephen Low

Monday, April 13, 2009

6 more months

So sorry! I haven't had the time to blog, and haven't have much to kepoh

6 months to go, and we need to settle our guest list, video presentation or slides show of photos, cleaning our new house together.

We haven't really finalised on our guest list, at least we still have time on the card printing. Because TaiTong's invitation cards are so simple and has limited design to choose from. It makes printing easy for them. Apparently it only takes like 3-7 days for art work.. art work meaning just words, so that depends how fussy we are in their font size, font type, allignment.. which we might be able to settle that in a day.. Unless they screw up our names. then i think it also takes 3-7 days for printing. and they don't have to print the hardcover of the card, just the inserts. Basically, she said we'll get our card in 10 working days! Taitong is affiliated with Redcard , branches are at kepong and puchong. They sell other wedding related stuffs too.

We've been cleaning the house, bit by bit.. first the car porch, and on Sunday we started with the living area. (it made merv wondered if he should go into the cleaning cum design services!) Too bad i didn't take a before and after shot! We now have a place to yumcha in our so called patio, OH! and we had lunch there on Sunday.. (while it was drizzling) :) Now we just need to find a way to kill all the mozzies before it kills us!!

Danny-boy, is going to help us with the multimedia show. It's gonna be cute/ cool / funny.. we're not sure yet.. We let him decide, after all, he is the pro and i am just supposed to scan all our photos for him (so don't let us down!)

(fingers crossed)

I was at Putrajaya- JPN again last month, for a friend's registration, and he got the room on the right. it is so much nicer!!