Friday, April 24, 2009

great minds think alike :)

yknow, we have 4 weddings to attend this year including ours! *haha*

One next month, ah seong & rachel, then come ours in October, then November is edwin & wendy, then December is gloria & cheow.

seong n edwin n mervin hangs out in one same group! and all three of them have hired the same wedding photographer!

--- totally out of topic ---

OMG!!! i just click on their site and read this!!

Posted by edwintcg on March 6, 2009

With Immediate Effect, MyWeddingMomentz who consist of both Edwin & Stephen’s work will now split into individual path. Those couple who signed up with us before shall have the same package with same photographers and for all new request/inquiry or assignment, pls refer to individual photographers packages as below website:

Edwin Tan Photography
Stephen Low

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