Wednesday, January 14, 2009

we're legally bonded!

Finally 2nd January arrived and has past...

For some reason i couldn't fall asleep, my head was wide awake, it was thinking and thinking and thinking.. (i dunno what it was thinking, but definitely it was thinking).. my eyes and my body was so tired and drained out! it was 1ish am when i went to bed, i had to wake up at 6am to look pretty and SUPPOSED to leave the house at 7am. (yea, we were late, but not as late as the groom;)

And i thought to myself, it's not even the real day! (i dunno what time i switched off though)

BUT i managed to wake up at 6am, and for those who knows me, I LOVE TO SLEEP (who doesn't?) and always wakes up the latest! *giggles*

Apparently, my parents couldn't even sleep! How strange right? We thought to ourselves, it's just signing of papers, not even the real day.. Even my sister in law had to toss and turn!

I seriously cannot imagine on the REAL DAY!

I better standby some *coughs* medication.. :P

So of course, i didn't wake up with a pretty face, my eye bags were so thick and dark circles were like panda eyes! So it's good that we had this Jan 2nd day.. we know what to expect.. :)

We told ourselves, 1 week before the wedding day, we have to change our body clock, sleep early and wake early. and probably have to settle all the 'things to do' list one week before hand.

Y'know, at 5pm, i just crashed! K.O. my knees were aching my eyes were tearing my body just stopped functioning.

Like i said many times, O-M-G! actual day HOW!!!

Oh, AND i'm now Legally MRS. SOON. :)

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