Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finding the Perfect Wedding Gown

A friend of mine, I shall call her.... Bridezilla. *giggles* is getting hitched! Congratulations!

Anyway, she's planning her wedding too, and we've been exchanging notes. It's really fun that we're kinda planning the wedding together.. It's like girls playing masak-masak together! :) (i love masak-masak)

I was just thinking the other day that, weddings does bring people together. My sister in law, brothers, friends, my friend bridezilla who we haven't seen for ages, are now chatting almost everyday!

Anyway, i'm going off topic as usual... finding the perfect wedding gown, is not super easy at all! i wanna look super pretty, DDG (dropdeadgorgeous), outstanding, and i wanna have the 'wow effect'! hahaha.. not easy i tell ya!

Unfortunately for me, due to budget constrain, i have to go with rented gowns, they only alter at the sides of the chest area, not the hips nor the length! just imagining myself trip and fall flat on my face! so embarrasing.

Well, there's a shop in town (don't remember the name), that you tailor make your wedding gown, according to your budget and style, and after the wedding, you can sell it back the shop, of course at a loss lah! but its like renting a gown fitted just for you. If i knew about this earlier, and if budget allows, i would have done this, and forgo the typical bridal wedding package.

Oh well too late now..

People tells me, oh you're lucky cause you're tall and slim, any dress would look nice. But i seriously doubt so and can't make up my mind, if i should go for the classic A line, or Empire cut, or the Mermaid cut, Halter, Chinese collar, Strapless, with Strap. Sometimes i think life shouldn't have so many options's already super complicated... and people say planning a wedding is fun or supposed to be fun, me and bridezilla has concluded, it's not entirely true, not one bit. It's stressful, and the arguments... the different opinions.. Whoops, out of topic again..

I'm not sure if it's bad luck to post up photos of me trying the wedding gownsss.. but i'm indecisive.. i need my gal friends to help me out.. and i need simon cowell's kinda critic. :P however the below dresses are not my short listed gowns.. I've spent 3 hours trying different dresses, (i had a spinning headache towards the end), i spent my time in a 3x3 space behind curtains with the sales assistant i barely know, she stripped me down till i had only my undies left!!

Sighs. What we (brides-to-be) go through to find the perfect gown!!

the gals made me try the short wedding gown. :P

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