Thursday, July 2, 2009


we brought our own camera, photos quality are not up to standard, but not bad for previews. hehe. not sure when can we get the touched up photos.

apparently some bridal shops does not allow you to take photos, but Wedding Couture seems quite cool about it, though i ask the make up artist to help us take a photo, and she said she's not allowed.

I had, 2 indoor wedding gowns, 2 evening gowns, 1 outdoor wedding gown, and 1 traditional chinese costume.

She put 2 bottles of ampoules for me, and for mervin too. (yes, some make up artist have mention, ampoules makes no difference at all, it's just ways to earn our $$) And lots of make up all over my face. It was like the making of geisha!! I was super white, not sure if it was the base or the concealer.

fake lashes makes damn alot of difference!! oh, i found out something gals, my make up artist said that we don't need to stick double fake lashes, but just use one, and pick the drama fake lashes for more drama look, but she cut the lashes into 2 and dunno how she stick it, but it did the job. I told her i want BIG BIG eyes marr.. :P

(another way for them to earn our $$ again, double means pay more mar!) but wedding couture provides free fake lashes, and 'free' hair spray colors, but i just need to pay for ampoules.

we paid in total RM120 for ampoules!! and usually its like RM15-30 for a box of 10 ampoules.


what to do, it's once in a life time...

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