Friday, July 10, 2009

my first bride2b nightmare!

Today is freaky friday.

BUT.. it is not a friday 13th.

i dreamt that OMFG!!! i totally forgot to do my guest list (which until today we haven't finish our guest list yet), the hall was pretty empty, only a table of heng tais, closest friends were there, and closest relatives, and no one else, the card was handwritten in BLUE magic pen, and names were spelled wrongly, I even saw a card, Joanna tan was written as Joanna TO. wtf? and it was just scribbles.

AND, i was wearing a really BIG loose short dress, and i ask my galfriend, LH, to help me collect mine, apparently she left hers in my house too, she came back all dress in her dress, and when i ask her, where is mine, she said I THINK its in the cupboard. i was burning up, and WHAT do you mean you THINK? i checked, and no dress in any cupboards, and i ask her did you even brought it with you. all she can say was, I DUNNO, I DUNNO. and let me tell ya about LH, she has this innocent face. and she gave me that look, with I DUNNO I DUNNO. and i was screaming and asking her how can you not know, if you brought it with you or is it in the car, or where is it!

and yes.. she answered, I DUNNO.

i stomp off to my empty hall sat with the other gals, and complain. and suddenly they started complaining about stuffs. all women shouting everywhere.. LH was just so Tulan.

OH. and mervin called me. so i woke up from this terrible dream.

the whole day i was so stress, and my neck was hurting me.

I thought i could just stay home, and rest and finish the guest list... But daddy came and kidnap me, to run some errands..

something has never happen to me, happened today, i almost got run over by a car.

DAMN. i seriously don't know what was running through my mind while crossing the street.

I was waiting for quite a bit, and there was another older lady across the street waiting too, so there was this kind man in a black merz,(1st lane) stopped, so we crossed, as i crossed, on the 2nd lane, suddenly there was a red kelisa zooming at me... everything was so fast, and she didn't seem to even slow down, as if she wanted to run me down on purpose.

i just stopped and stoned, and stared, and not sure what to do next. (seriously. i was at shocked). i really thought, that was it, i'm gonna be hurt badly.

eventhough her car didn't touch me at all, i felt my legs was hurting.

for some reason, i woke up, and run across the street. and she DID emergency stopped, and shook her head and scolded me. i was so stonned and just ran off.

this has never happen to me before.

i was almost in tears.

Just so blur.


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