Thursday, July 2, 2009

i'm in a dillema



A or B?

s.kitt or the he-she-she-he jaslynn?

s.kitt is RM1000. have paid RM100 deposit. She's like right now pregnant and gonna deliver any minute now.. have to pay for fake lashes. managed to get one free.

jas is RM900.. and.. i didn't ask much.. because i told her i've already have a make up artist.

A Or B??

A or B??????


A & B???


i was thinking if i ask s.kitt, if she can do what Jas did? what you think?

A into B???


2 wishes:

Jolina said...

i like B!!!!!! But either way you will look gorgeous!

Su Ann said...

The big difference is your eyes. Did Shin Kitt put fake lashes for you - cos her one makes your eyes smaller than the Wedding Couture one. Ya ya try and ask her if she can produce the same look la, easier than changing artist I suppose.