Thursday, June 4, 2009

photos from belgium

PHoto BLOg Time! it's 0045 in London now. So sleepy! So no words.. or at least minimum words .. :)

as promised, the matching glasses of belgium!

Lipton Glass with Lipton Tea
(though she had leong cha in her lipton glass)

For some reason, fanta taste nicer in this part of the world

i quite like drinking in the cold cold weather, but only sissy drinks for me please

SO, they have glasses for each beer you order too.

For coke too, yeap, and for coke light too.

And my last night there, i had evian, and yes, evian glasses came with it!

But no photos of thoseeee.. :(

yknow, one bottle can pour exactly one full glass..
Belgium must be obsessed with matching glasses
and they managed to make me one of them!

when we drank our mineral water in Brugge, we thought, oh.. plain glasses!!

until we finished our water, we saw this below! (its the brand of the water)

(strange..... water is clear, no? why did we had to finish our water b4 we realised this?)

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