Thursday, June 25, 2009

i've chosen my gowns!!

You wanna see my gowns?? ^_^

Wasn't easy picking out ONE favourite gown.. and it's not even selecting for the actual day wedding gown yet, only for the photoshoot, which is next Tuesday!! 5 more days to go!!!

I've trim n dyed my hair to natural color. :)

I've went for my facial, one week before the wedding photo shoot. Advise given from the beautician at slimming sanctuary.

I'm going to do my pedi and manicure this Sunday or Monday.. Gonna just do french manicure. Simple and nice.

We have our shoes.

Mervin has his black slacks. Not sure about his white shirt though! Apparently white shirt is also provided by the bridal shop..

OKAY, no more boring stuffs, and just photos of me and the gowns! :)

(oh this round, i tied up my hair, and put some make up, some advise i read from a wedding magz)

this is merv's favourite, we call it the metalic gown. that makes my boob looks like a size C! I asked Cashyn, the oh-so nice sales assistant of mine, whether i can alter the boobies part, but of cos not, BUT, with today's technology, we can PHOTOSHOP the boobs to be SMALLER! how funny right, people want big boobs and going for boob jobs, i'm photoshopping mine to be smaller!

this is one of my favourite, simple and oh so simple..and .. oh so pretty..
it's my mommy's favourite too... if i can't find anything nice by august, i'll probably pick this for my actual day gown.

beginning of the year, i tried some wedding gowns, and picked this for my actual day wedding gown. i really like the empire waist cut, and the flowy effect.. however its too long for me. and i cant wear super high platforms, i'll be looking like a giant next to mervin! anyway, its a rented gown right, so many brides have worn this, and one person made some not too obvious tiny holes, so it's now an 'outdoor' wedding gown. So i'm gonna wear this for my beach photoshoot.

i showed my dad all the dresses, and he was like, ah ok, and ah this ok, and ok ok, everything ok.. then when i showed him this, aiyah, this like kampung (village) girl only.. :P but i still chose this lah.. me staying true to my roots, kampung girl all the way! yayyy!

i think me and my mom have same taste. we both like this dress very much! :)

Pm said, all my dresses have same cutting, same kind, same same same. hahaha! i didn't notice it before, but nevermind lah.... if not these choices, it would be ah lian kinda dress. me no like leh.

Oh that's all! the other selection is chinese costume, so it's either a QUAH, or a Cheongsam. No need to select or alter. Pick it on tuesday, and probably they just put some pins behind if its too loose.

Oh, and they can photoshop my uneven tanned skin too! :)

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