Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy 7th year Anniversary!

OMG! has it been 7 years already??

apparently i thought merv forgot about today, because he agreed to swap shifts with his colleague for an afternoon shift!

and i honestly just remembered about today, yesterday. :P Didn't have time to get him anything but a card! at least it's not a FREE E-card. hahaha..

So when i gave him his card this morning, he said mine is at home!!!!!!!! YAY! i have a gift waiting for me at home. I wonder what is it... i hope its not just a card. *giggles*

Great day to remember today, because I'm gonna pick out my wedding gowns. it's the best way to remember our 7th year anniversary... the process of us getting married.

Dear Fatty,

You managed to curi the Jagung.

Love, Jagung.

fatty fatty bom bom, curi curi jagung

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