Wednesday, June 3, 2009

5 more days!!

Back from Belgium, yknow what, i had only one chocolate when i was there!! smelling all the chocs was enough to make me full!!

I was really fascinated, and this may changed me into collecting glasses in the future.. about, matching glasses with the drinks you order!! I have no photos to show at the moment. (lazy to download my pics)

We ordered 3 different drinks each of us right, and i had a fanta orange glass, with a fanta orange bottle, and wk had ... i forgot what he had.. but it was matching lah, and sa had lipton tea in a lipton glass!

even when i ordered water, it was evian in an evian glass! honestly, i was sooo tempted to bring them all home!!

they even have matching beer glasses to go with your different brand you order!

another thing i've learnt about belgium is, french fries is originated from belgium. as what i've heard.. people queue up to eat fries! with mayo on top.

my trip to belgium, was... interesting.. people are... somewhat friendly KUA. and.. my most yummiest food i had was...

*drum roll*...

vietnamese noodles!!!!!

with vietnamese chilli sauce!! :P


am totally asian.

lady from china, giving me a leg massage for 15min = 5euros @ the beach in Barcelona

green is my new pink

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