Friday, May 29, 2009

am actually counting the days

Back from Barcelona, and going to Brussels, Belgium tomorrow. Have no idea what's great in Belgium except for Belgium chocolates. Guess me gonna stuff my face with chocolates!

It was a lovely day today to be out from the house. Cycled around hyde park, relax at the Princess Diana's memorial walk. I was out from 6pm till 830pm! if it wasn't for my hungry tummy, i wouldn't have known it was time to go home! the sun was still up and the people was still at the park, hanging out, only thing missing are some 'roos'.

Am so looking forward to June 8, the wedding shoot, perhentian trip with the gals, pm's first baby. ..... and of course.. the wedding day!

i can't believe i'm gonna say this....

i'm actually...


missing home.

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