Tuesday, November 4, 2008

keep sharks in the ocean and out of the soup!

Every year 100+ million sharks die because of finning. Why? Because there's a demand for SHARK FIN SOUP. Do you know what they served in the hotel, its not all pure shark fin anyway? Just imagine how many sharks they have to kill just to serve 1000 hungry people attending your wedding? 1000 bowls of shark fin?

you do the math.

the make belief shark fin taste exactly like what the hotel serves, that's because, shark fin is probably tasteless, PURE/ MAKE BELIEF can you tell the difference?

Currently shark fin cost heaps to buy, if there's no demand for shark fin, it'll eventually be worthless!

In support of ASIAN Geographic Online Pledge Against Shark Fin Soup. Mervin and I have pledge ourselves #146 #149 and you can too, if you want to :)

Want to make a difference? Say NO to shark fin

(and to turtles too, they ARE just SO ADORABLE)

how can you eat me and my eggs?

Your kids have to google to see how a turtle and shark looks like if you don't stop eating me :(

So we've chose to say NO to shark fin soup! and no they are not gonna reduce the price.

We're going to have a better yummy dessert!

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