Friday, October 31, 2008

so near yet so far

Our last dive trip for 2008: (this is gonna be a photo blog)

We went to perhentian for our advanced open water. Decided to take the 8 hour bus ride to Kuala Besut Jetty, because it was cheaper. Rm40 (after Raya surcharged). The ride was okay for me.. i didn't really care when the bus swerved left & right.. the only thing that bothered me was my butt was sore from sitting so longg!!

while waiting for our bus no 13 @ pwtc bus station

when we arrived at kuala besut @ 5.30am. So stoned and no nasi lemak ayam goreng. :(

mervin is addicted to novomin, he can't live without it!

Our holiday started!!!

On our first night, we saw baby turtles walking really quickly and with all their might to the sea. No flash allowed, hence the blurry effect. (flash lights will hurt the turtles vision) In order for me to snap pics, Mervin was trying to slow the turtle down by putting his hand there.

i did something different this round, I played volleyball with the boys. On the 2nd game, i had carpet burnt. (ouch! it hurt even more when i had to put my booties on and fins and kena salt water and KICK in the sea WITH strong current) Until today, the wound is still healing. BUT Volleyball was soo fun and painful! my fingers and hands were sore for few days! i don't know how they invented this game.

this part of the our trip, is what i wanna share with everyone.

As i said earlier, we came to do our advanced open water. so we can go deeper and night. Our dives were mainly to do our skills and not much of a fun dive. (probably a wrong move to do our advanced) At 9am 1st group of divers from Bubbles went out to Tokong Laut, we the 2nd group at 9.30am. We were doing our deep dive so we were at 24metres below doing our skills and taking GROUP PHOTOS! sighs

1st group, did a shallow dive at 16metres.
they saw a

All we experienced was taking a group photo at 24m and

swimming in WHALE SHARK'S PEE!

fortunate or unfortunate?

(of cos fortunate lah, have u swam in whale shark's pee?)

sighs. this is what happened (refer to above pic).

overall, it was a FANTASTIC holiday!

(we flew back, RM60 with 'now everyone can fly')

now back to the wedding preparations!

(chants: its supposed to be fun )
(its supposed to be fun)
(its supposed to be fun)
(its supposed to be fun)
(its fun)
(its fun)
(its fun)

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