Tuesday, October 7, 2008

taking a break

haven't been blogging lately, i just left the wedding preparation like how i left my last blog. :P

and we are going for our last dive trip for 2008 this coming weekend.. its perhentian again! 3 times this year! woo hooo!

we're going night and deeper. awesome.

anyway, we're not doing a garden wedding. XXXXXXX many Xs' for garden wedding. Its now october, and it's been raining cats and dogs. imagine 24 oct 2009? and i can't have my guest drench at 9pm at night? right? or in the middle of our speeches, or etc etc.. a dream wedding becoming a 'possible' disaster!

It brings us back to square one, 'a once in a lifetime' (i just can't afford any screw ups) event.

so.. we're going back to the normal, boring, ballroom. dad says i can just rent potted plants and place them in ballroom. *ha ha ha* mom says our house garden **HA HA HA*

sooo.. we're not gonna crack our heads over the venue. we're just gonna have fun and dive! YAY YAY!

*remembers motto - wanna be a relax bride*

adios, hope you're gonna have as much fun as we will!

2 wishes:

Doink said...

Okay,okay I know this comment thingy won't be noticeable,meh! but it's worth a shot,no?

okay,here's what I want to say..

OMG!!! the garden wedding set-up's so beautiful!!!! aiyoo.. so romantic!!

Okay... *calming self down* get a chat box please. (:

the 'soon' to be are getting hitched! said...

even if i get a chat box, u'll probably be the only one chatting there! hahaha.. ok. i can reply u once in awhile.