Friday, October 24, 2008

nothing is free in this world

bridal fair @ midvalley 19th OCt 08

we were supposed to check out Photobook's booth, but i left the bridal fair, saying to mervin, 'i don't know why are we here, and there's nothing else to do, LETS GO!'

arghh... SO STUPID! :(

Besides that dumb situation, (yes there's more) we were also there to accompany our friend, who is getting married in May 09. They wanted to do some survey, and i brought them to 'wedding couture's booth'. The sales person ask rachel to spin the wheel, and she won a free rental of wedding gown worth Rm1000 for actual wedding day. Of course, there are fine lines, you have to sign up with them.

SO... being the typical me, i was like, 'yerrr.. why she can i cannot, and i also wannnnnnnnnnttt..' so she allowed me to spin the wheel, and GUESS WHAT, i won a FREE PHOTOSHOOT AT KRABI!

i told mervin, danny.. well whoever was there that day.. and they were like ARE YOU SERIOUS! krabi worrrrrrrrr... serious ahhhhhhhhhh.. soo luckyyyyyyyyy... i was so happy.. cos to sign up that package will cost ya, RM1688!!

of course, air ticket n accomodation, is on your own.

few days later, i called my sales assistant, and told her about me winning it, and i thought i had to book my air ticket etc etc.. cos they have only certain dates available..

so she told me, its not inclusive of photo album, the album cost rm1300 (magz style album) for 50 poses, you can get a cd of the photos too. If that's too expensive, there is rm600 for 20 poses (4R album), or rm900 5R album. Blardy hell.. my happiness was crushed... and .. i said chehh.. bluff ppl wan lah.. then she said its "FREE PHOTOSHOOT" not "FREE PACKAGE" , she told me its LUCKY draw, and we don't do 'sit bun sang yi' = non profitable business.


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