Thursday, November 20, 2008

getting married the lanna way

For my BLUR friends,

it's not gonna be in BANGKOK lah. It's gonna be on the 31st of October 2009. The next airasia promotion, rush to book our air tickets k?? Fly there on Friday 30th Oct 09, and wedding is held in my grandma's place, in Lamphun. (27km away from chiangmai) SO, Book your tickets to CHIANGMAI, Thailand! (Bangkok to Chiangmai is FAR - 696km)

The weather should be COOLING & NICE.

NO Blacks. the thais only take out their black dress out of their wardrobes if there is funeral to attend. In my hometown, if we see a group of ppl wearing black. its not like.. 'oh its the latest trend' but, who passed away? For guys Black pants okay lah.. Cause i don't think i can picture mervin in a white pants. o_O

Anyway, why 31st of October? Cause 2nd Nov is Loykrathong, a romantic thai festival. it will be nice to stay back for it and fly home 3rd of Nov.. its one of the festival not to be missed besides the FUN splashing Songkran in April (water festival)

I have 11 more months to blog about the thai ceremony.. :)

so ... END? ... oh no.. TO be Continue. ngek ngek ngek

releasing of kom loi (lantern)

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