Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a circle has no end so is our love

do we ever wonder which finger are we suppose to wear our engagement ring? wedding band?

the chinese saying is 'male is left, female is right' (yes, female always right wan) everything they do, palm reading .. actually i dunno what else except palm reading .. is male left and female right. so if you want to follow the chinese way, the male wear on the 4th finger of the wrong hand, i mean left. and female 4th finger on the RIGHT hand.

But if you want to be really romantic .. i suggest both male and female, wear it on the left hand. (we can't always be right you see..) it is said that the 4th finger of the left hand, contains the 'vein of the heart/love' so when we wear our rings is are close to our heart. (aaaaaaaaawwww, so romantic right?)

It is said the engagement ring and wedding band to wear it on the same finger. But its not easy to find two that fits nicely together, unless if you custom made that is if you have extra money to spend on. But then again, if you wear it on the same finger, you'll scratch both the rings! I just surf the internet, in the US, they have matching bands and engagement ring. I think its just M'sia lah.. so lousy. not many options.

some said u don't need to spend alot on your wedding band, some said you should spend alot on your wedding band because you'll be wearing it for life.

wedding bands are meant to be smooth, simple, no gaps, no holes, no nothing.. Because it is a symbol of our love with one another. A symbol of how our marriage is .. i heard from the sales assistant, some don't even want hollow rings. they want a solid ring. (some superstitious cliche la)

maybe after our wedding ceremony, we'll tattoo our 'rings' onto our finger.. o_O definitely, there will not be any holes, gaps, hollow, sharp edges.. its skin deep..

maybe a lil' wrinkle in 30 yrs time. ^_^

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