Thursday, November 6, 2008

a day to remember! (part1)

5th of Nov 08, was a day to remember. Mervin took leave and we went to Equatorial Bangi.

We discussed our menu with the Chef (who happens to cook yummy food and is really young!), we picked and chose the dishes according to our liking. We also finalised with Evonne the 'black & white' stuffs, and the most important thing, we PAID deposit to book the ballroom! SO 24th OCT 2009, its OURS! MUAHAHAHAHAHA.. :P

Evonne was EXTREMELY kind, and gave us 4 complimentary DIMSUM LUNCH BUFFET. (double yums), We were so EXCITED! and acted SO JAKUN (typical) HEE HEE. Irene (the waitress) , helped us ordered, and we managed to take some photos.. the first few dim sums went into our tummy so quickly, so no photos of that!! Oh so hungry thats why. hehe..

mervin loves the glass noodle, we pass it all to him.. :)

As of today, we official have a venue!

and 4 happy stomachs... Such a SATISFYING meal!

thank you evonne!

~to be continue~

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