Friday, November 28, 2008

it's never too early to plan

Everyone says, 'still soooo earlyyy'.. 'nevermind wann'.. or 'you have 1 year to plan'... 'take your time'..

it's never too early to plan.. if you have 1 year to plan, spread it out and do it share the planning and workload .. i think it's not so stressful that way, and besides, it'll avoid unneccesary arguments with your future husband. and most importantly, it teaches you how to work in a team!.. its not everyday you would work as a team with your husband/wife.

if you want to hold you wedding reception in one of those top 10 hotels in KL, you have to book em' fast, especially if your wedding date is on a HOT auspicious date.

BOOK everyone!! even your HOT high society friends. (in thai they call em 'hi so'/ lower society group 'low so')

I had to book Alvin, haha.. so he has blocked his calender for us. Thank you alvin. (hi-so) :P even my brothers & sister in law (hi-so), or friends from overseas, you need to tell them way in advance, and not 2 months before the wedding.

That reminds me, I haven't book a videographer & make-up artist! yikes!

Recently i saw a photo which will be wrong for me to put it up, the bride's face was like superduperwhite! Sometimes we see they look fine, until we see the photo. How strange, maybe when we buy our next foundation we should request for a 'non reflective' foundation. o_O (not sure if there's such thing, maybe i should invent that)




It's our photographer's calender for 2008 - 2010! (have you book yours yet?)

Look at the calender, i just realised there's no bookings for April. (April = 4) (4=Die) (something you don't learn in school)

So Moral of my story is..................








i dunno


I failed my moral




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