Monday, December 15, 2008

I have a boring/dead blog

i officially received 2 complaints! hahaha.. that i need to update my blog. But i haven't been doing any wedding preparations lately! and i thought i should keep my blog about my wedding preparations... and not blog about the weather, or anything under the sun.. i guess i am forced to blog about my boring life just to keep my blog alive! :P


i've been very ill lately (for those who knows me, i might have just exaggerate that a lil) .. but it's quite true lah.. haha.. i fell sick on the 4th of dec, thursday, and i didn't enjoy my long weekend, actually, i did enjoy the long weekend, but not the FOOODD! i missed out on all the yummy foooodd...

I had fever, sore throat, i lost my voice, i sound like a man / sexy voice to some, i'm coughing greenish phlegm (according to dr. wk, its infected), and i'm still coughing till today, 1 1/2 weeks. (dr wk says i need antibiotics, he doesn't know am allergic to all drugs :P)


So boring right?
Back to something related to my wedding preparations.. :)


I am EXCITED and NERVOUS about 2nd january (the day i am legally married to Mr Soon - OMG), many many months ago, i bought myself a cute lil' white dress, I bought it without having any functions to attend, I bought it because it was nice, i look nice in it, and i told myself, aiyah, buy only lah, the day when i need a dress, i have to go out searching and might not find a nice dress! (good excuse for us gals, to shop for no reason right??)

Now i just need a pair of cute lil heels to go with my cute lil' dress. :)

PM says she'll stay over my house, and help me out with my make up. hee hee!

My hair is now so boring, i can't cut it cos am leaving my hair long for my big day, hopefully it grows really really long.. (yeah rite).. I told mervin he should have told me earlier, that he wanna marry me. haha.. so i wouldn't have leave my hair long, longlonglong time ago!

Back to my hair... its so so boring, and my roots are showing, so ugly... i decided to make an appointment and go dye it! maybe this Sat.

Oh you know, i'm not only preparing my hair for Jan 2, but I've bought myself a hair mask, so it will grow super nice like a sunsilk/pantene ad gal! :) .. then maybe i can twirl around for the camera man. muahaha..

Besides me, and myself...

We have decided to have a luncheon at Nanking Court! :) instead of Shangri-La. it's gonna cost us a bomb if we gonna have it in Shang for so many of us.

Have been thinking to myself, if we really need to hire a pro-photographer for the registration day.. (haven't decided yet)

You see, just for the registration day, My head also almost cracked into half ady. hahaha..

Honestly, i'm quite panicky, that i haven't been doing anything! I thought preparing for a wedding has lotsa of things to do.. but am so ........ lepak........

actually, am still looking for a good make up artist that will make me superdropdeadgorgeous on my BIG Day.

You know anyone? ............

Oh fairy god mother where's your magic wand? :)


Let me know k? Pleaseeeeeee...

Us @ the lucky wild boar, taiping

(the man behind us were molesting the wildboar!)

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