Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2nd January 2009

It is this friday!!!!!

I totally love the last 2 weeks of 2008. non stop public holidays! It feels like we are permanent vacationers and working part time!!

Though 2nd Jan is JUST a registration of marriage. yes. IT iS ONLY registration. Though we're married legally, our parents do not see us as married couple, because we haven't gone through the chinese tea ceremony yet! Sometimes i think it's quite ridiculous. However, i wonder am i gonna treat my kids the same in the future!

I'm excited about this Friday! I have my white lil' dress, with ... well i don't have the perfect shoes yet...

I've dyed my hair to natural colour now, so i don't have super 'blonde' hair anymore. I've made appointment for manicure tomorrow. Though i have the tools to do it myself, i decided to pamper myself a lil bit more

I have never thought of holding a bouquet of flowers, because.. it is only signing of papers, to be married in the eyes of the law.. BUT! , S.A my sister in law, asked me the other night, what about flowers and corsages, she said she can help me with the corsages! so.. me and mervin decided to make the bouquet ourselves!

GOOGLE-d. And the internet make it so simple to DIY wedding bouquet. I thought of orchids, but orchids means alot of work, i'm guessing the orchid's stem is probably not as tough as roses, so we have to add and twist and bend the floral wire to each orchid's stem. So.. since it's supposed to be a DIY simple bouquet. (simple to the brain too).. I'm gonna go with roses. Gonna ask the florist if they can remove all the thorns for me.

I've bought the satin ribbons and the lil' pins! all set and excited to make my own bouquet! I hope it turns out well, if not, i'll just hold one stalk of rose that day. :P

i'll try to make something like this.. kekeke!

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