Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bacherlorette party / Hen party / Hen night but i want 3days2night trip

I don't really wanna get high and drunk on my hen's night and puke and drag myself to the toilet and just puke again.. praying to the toilet bowl is not how i imagine to celebrate my night with the gals.

I hate to admit this but clubbing nights are no longer fun for some reason. I used to love going to clubs, dance the night away. But now, i complain about my legs tired, my back hurts and wonder how i could stand/dance in clubs till the wee hours of the morning!

So i wanna plan for shopping in Bangkok with the gals or lazing at the beach, perhentian sounds good?

It's so hard to decide, we LOVE shopping.. and IT IS shopping in Bangkok, the hot humid CHATUCHAK, the CHEAP wholesale PRATUNAM market, the yummy thai food.. the stew pork rice, the yummy hot spicy tomyam, the KAU MAN GAI (chicken rice)..


PERHENTIAN.. is SO NICE too. The sunny beach, the sound of the ocean, the vibrant nemo swimming, BUT.. it'll be wrong for me to go diving, while my friends go snorkelling right? But it's so hard not to go diving, since i'm already there at one the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia...

and besides, i can't tan myself, i don't wanna be a burnt bride! :P so does that mean i have to pour tons of sun block? But that means i will pollute the sea and kill the fishies! -_-

Its so clear that I AM so TORN apart.

I need my gal friends to help me decide.

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