Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the cards are out!!

we're LOVING every bit of the card.

It's simple, it's red, it's so chinese, it's oriental, AND it's so cheap affordable! hahahahahhaa!

We spent about RM200 to print our 230 pieces wedding cards.

We wanted 25 tables, small cozy wedding, but it's been expanding, and hasn't stop, same goes for the Thai wedding.. smallest, to small to smallbig to big to bigger to biggsmall.

i don't make any sense i know. i never do.

we had a gal's night out last night, went to 'the library' at cineleisure now known as e@curve i thought it was another scarlet, but it's not too bad.. live band on selected days, which i don't remember now, good promo on happyhour, nice big comfy chairs, half open air.. non alcoholic drinks is at reasonable pricing at good size glass. (hopefully they stay that way)

Anyway.. we were discussing on how to play torture the heng tais! ngek ngek ngek! me so excited i count myself in as a JI MUI! haha! too bad i've to peep from the window.

you know, i couldn't sleep last night, just thinking about the games we're gonna play i mean the ji muis.. .. *evil grin*

I have exactly 1 month and 9 more days to go! kelly asked me how am i feeling, right now, i feel excited about the games, a drag just thinking about the seating arrangements and guest list..

Somehow i just don't wanna think about the wedding is just a few weeks away.. but i also want it to come quick and 'get over and done with'.. keke.. yes, my dad feels i've lost my enthusiast too.

BUT... it's all goooooodd... just remember to *breathe*

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