Tuesday, September 29, 2009

25 days to go

on saturday.. we went to the restaurant, paid the balance of deposit, finalised the menu, we wanted to change our soup, even if its 'hoi mei tong' sea smell soup.. hahaha.. it's some seafood soup (sea cucumber etc) or 'fat tiu chong' buddha jump over the wall soup.. we had to pay additional rm100 - 200 per table. and we thought okay, we opt for double boiled chicken herbal soup. we had to pay rm60 per table.. so.. yes, we're sticking to our shark fin soup without shark fin. -_-

then... we went to old klang road, the auspicious house at 3rd mile square to buy our bridal room accesories.. like the baby tubs etc, and the bedside lamps.. and mervin bought the dowry stuffs. traditional yet simplified. not cheap though, we spent about rm250 there.

last night, we drove pass a new china store, in taman mayang opposite KJ lrt station, its called Fun & Cheer, they have the red umbrellas for sale at a very reasonable price, below rm20. I think its rm14.80. They have a few pricing.. At living cabin, it's rm29.90.. or is it rm19.90. hmm.. but anyway, fun & cheer has really really cheap 'double happiness' logo stickers at rm0.80 only!! - rm2.80! really really cheap. they even have confetti for sale from rm4- rm9. wedding tea pots not very cheap, rm58.80.

we've been staying home cleaning and clearing a house that is filled with 25 year old hand me downs.

we're almost done, and mervin has done a really good job!

i heart u, fatty.

2 wishes:

Iqqhuan said...

Marry ceremonies is not cheap dear...I blowed 24 million on it! ERrrr...I mean Indonesian Rupiah...he...he...he... wish is maybe 10% from your expenses...

the 'soon' to be are getting hitched! said...

hehehehe!! 24m! only 876rm?? wahh serious or did i calculate wrongly.. well we're glad that the wedding didn't make us go in debt.. :)