Monday, September 21, 2009

Be there Be red

a conversation between me and one of merv's workers at Cempaka Village:
YU: are you pregnant?
me: nooo..
YU: one month?
me: noooooo..
Yu: then, why are you getting married??

we don't have any fancy names to call our wedding night, it's not movie red carpet night (though i didn't mind the red carpet) .. it's not a hello kitty wedding .. it's not a snowflake fairytale wedding, etc etc..

but we thought at least to have a theme colour.. so its RED! .. red is not my most favourite colour.

But i thought it really has a good contrast, it's happy, shows passion, desire, and love!!

Bought my super red umbrella from Chiangmai.. only for 75BAHT! (it helps if you speak thai and you know where to get it, they were selling it for 150Baht elsewhere) anyway RM16 is still real cheap compared to the one i wanted to buy from London 20pounds/Belgium 20euro.
we have mini red and pink umbrellas for only 20Baht to help passion-up the restaurant
red is so lovely.. and it looks good in photos too :P
red bouquet, red umbrellas, red petals, red cards, red drapes, red evening gown, red car decor red just married car plate....

red is hot n seeeexxxxyyy!!

Many people has asked me if it's a must to wear red.. welll.. it's not a must.. but i guess it would be lovely for the morning session? for photos sake and it definitely looks like a happy happy occassion :) At night i shall release you from the RED nightmare.. and you can wear any colour you look pretty in..

except black though. mommy hates hates black.

see ya red-ter! hugs n kisses

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