Thursday, September 24, 2009

OMG!! 30 days to go!

my mom enrol me for a Thai fruit/vegetable carving course at the Thai Embassy, from 10th October SATURDAY- 14th October Wednesday 8.30am - 5pm! it is her wedding gift to me.. as she says, she too, went for some course before she got married, to prepare herself to be the BESTEST Thai wife. *_*

So because of that, i have 30 days to go, and only 3 weekends left to the wedding!!!!! YES! this relax bride is beginning to lose her 'relax-ness' .. stress is beginning to creep into her body.

*remembers to breathe*

ANYWAY! let's not think about that... i forgot to tell ya, i have RED lil' flowers cupcakes too! from TASTY DELIGHT

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