Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Sweet 18, SweeFong. :)

Yes, super indenial but i love it.

Something really funny happen yesterday, my husband to-be, forgot my age!

He did this :

Mervin Soon somebody is older tomm... =) big 3 0

I thought he meant someone else, but when i asked him, he said 'you lorrr' he said, you're turning 29 mar, but people don't say their age is 29 (some superstitious belief), so it's 30 lor!


suddenly he remember, i'm turning 28! must be one of his brain wires connected properly..

Of course, he rectified his FB msg, and announced to the whole world i was turning 28, i made him change it to 18.


now he thinks :

Mervin Soon this 'age error' thing will last for at least 7 years.. sigh... old already la...

But i think it's forever. :)

we haven't even celebrate our 1st year anniversary or 10th year anniversary.. and he already forgot his wife's birthday. tsk tsk.


Last night we had a spontaneous 'come my house night', jemi, ling, mel and alvin came to the house. we did like what our parents did when they were younger, house visiting. sit down, chit chat, and have some non alcohol drinks.

Mervin left his mobile at home, and when i came home, i saw soo many missed calls and soo many messages, so i HELP him check. and saw jemi's msg, 'well?'

and i thought, huh, well what?

then i had to read her next message

Jemima :
Endao. Ling and I dropping over tonight. Can i ask
for ur help to sneak a bday cake into the house to surprise SWEE GONG at midnight.

YES. my supposedly best friend, calls me swee gong. sighs.

Of course after reading the message i'm so happyyyyy and smilingggg and laughingggg.. that i just ruin my own surprise!! i could have played along with her... but the honest me, told her the truth.. hahahaha!

Thank you very much, because of all of you, i will remember this year's 18th birthday for a very very very long time.
daddy bought me 8 birds to release them today

my surprise cake n forgetful husband

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