Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Part of life

Getting married, is not all about just planning for the wedding, but also preparing the new home. Lucky for us, we have a place, so we don't need to find extra cash to buy a place, or renovate the house, buy new furnitures and electrical appliances. (however, the fridge is dying of old age)

We did our first, husband and wife shopping for household stuffs, in Ikea, we bought our new quilt. I forgot how much it was now, above RM100. There's so many new kinda decision making to make, example we had to decide which size we want, queen or king. He complains i snatch the comforter in the middle of the night (which clearly i don't), so we got the king size, then we had to decide the level of warmnest. 1-2 / 3-4 /5-6 . we picked in between.

Last week, we went to Jusco (Jusco is having sales till end of this week), we bought our new bedsheets, pillow cases, quilt cover, new pillows, new bolster. Spend about RM320. And we spend, maybe less than an hour, choosing for our perfect bedsheet. Mervin wanted Red. I wanted white, we ended up choosing cream colour quilt cover and sheets, with red pillow cases. (compromise is the key to a good marriage) It was ONLY bedsheets, but we had to decide on pattern or plain, dark / bright/ pastel colours. then there's pricing, and 250 /280 / 300 thread count. Cotton / Silk.

Now we're done with that, in October we need to get new mattress.

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