Monday, February 16, 2009

Job Vacancy Available!

we are a very simple couple, so simple, so lucky, that we are delegating our jobs to the best friends anyone can ask for..

invester : mervin :)
bride-to-be: swee fong

emcee : debbie
role - talk talk talk and make audience laugh laugh laugh

deejay/music related: clement
role - compile musics for wedding night and presentation slide shows

head of Ji Muis: danny
role - wears a skirt, and coordinate games for the hengtais.

entertainment/singer: jon
role - serenade

stag night coordinator: alvin
role - you can do whatever you want to :P

hen night coordinator: jemima & louise
role - yes! we are going to perhentian! settle accomodation.

treasurer - vacant
role - to collect angpaos and count them and pay for dinner

reception decorator - vacant
role - help buy petals to decorate, maybe some tealight? and share your creative ideas.

~ to be continue ~

i dunno what other positions might pop up along the way...

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