Friday, February 6, 2009

If music is the food of love, play on.....

Hence, please don't stop the music ... 'rihana'

My mom always say, if you want ur husband to come home everynight, you have to cook yummy food! :) Because if he always goes out to eat, he will meet NEW people. Some thai proverb lah, that i simplify it. keke.

And her other tip for me, something she said ages ago, is to always look beautiful, keep fit, and don't let your body go 'Out of Shape'... because you want your husband to be proud of his wife, and to show off his wife to all his friends and bring you out for functions.. etc.. etc!

I mentioned this to a guy friend before, and he thinks it is very true! :

What happen to, the inner beauty, and i love you no matter how you look? *evil grin* i guess we can tell them, round IS a shape! :P


If music is the food of love, play on... quote from the famous william shakespear.

Well today, i shall say.. if food is the food of love, COOK on. o_O ?!?! doesn't make sense.

haha.. well, as we all know, marriage is not easy, and both parties has to put in not only 100% effort in, but 101%

mervin & i have been together for 6 years and 8 months now, and we've seen each other and talk to each other almost everyday! (of course there's up and down of the 6 years relationship lah, no one is perfect)

we play snooker together. watch movies together. cook together. dive together. watch tv together. (yes i'm a tv freak). play boardgames together. play mahjong together. laugh at each other. swim together. goes to gym together. used to work in the same company together. cycle together. and for some reason, we like to take funny looking photos of each other!

i like to think, we're inseparable.

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