Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I CAN work under PRESSURE!

today wk woke me up at 10ish-am sat in front of pc till 2ishpm, didn't go to the office, because I WAS busy BUYING AIR ASIA TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was FREE.. WAS FREE but NOT ANYMORE!! we sapu all! MUAHAHAHAHA!


BOUGHT approx 20plus tickets i think.. i haven't count them all..

OHHH we have news to POST! BIG NEWS! 8 months 14 days to the actual day, and WE decided to CHANGE THE VENUE!!!!!!

after my travel agent duty, i was back to bride to be duty.. PLAN B!

actually thanks to WK again, i search on oriental group and tai tong site, and called them, Maju palace is oriental's only halal restaurant, and Maju Palace, isnt merv's favourite place, bcos its located at basement parking!


soo.. tai tong, 3 only pork free restaurants are bukit jalil golf club, tropicana golf, or bukit kiara. so our preferred place is tropicana but its FULLY BOOKED! all 4 FUNCTION ROOMS! so sad. sooo..

LUCKY LUCKY! bukit kiara is available, i BOOKED IT!!!!!!!!! will go see and pay DEPOSIT!

and.. yes, i can cancel my venue at EQ~ shhh.. :) i hope EQ doesn't know about my blog.

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