Thursday, February 12, 2009

i'm in love with .. AIRASIA!

my star is shining so bright, that it has granted my wish.. i must have wished for happiness and love and money! hahaa.. who doesn't?

of course, god doesn't give us money, but has allowed us, most of us, to save money and bought cheap air fare to CHIANGMAI!!

as of today, 35 friends and family bought their air tickets to CHIANGMAI! 35!! 35!!!!

go buy 4d!


i have alot of things on my mind lately, well this pass week, my bride to be duty just pick up again.. like i said before we've decided to change venue.

i booked 4 places!

tropicana, spring garden on the 25th oct 09, 24th oct all 4 function rooms are fully booked! (pork free)
bukit kiara, oriental pearl on the 24th oct 09 (pork free)
bangsar seafood on the 24th oct 09 (halal)
oriental pavilion on the 24th oct 09 (will cater food from mj cafe for halal table)

why i book so many places? because i wanna be KIASU! a few other restaurants are already fully booked, and not many halal or pork free restaurants available. and most of the hotels in pj is booked, anyway we don't want to go for hotels already.

Quotes: bridezilla says, KIASUsm ROCKS! ^_^

i'm now a pro, doing this survey, research, view venue, ever since Tuesday! and it's only Thursday now, I've already short listed and pick Bukit Kiara from the whole lot. Now i only need my daddy's approval.. not bad right? of course, it's my 2nd time doing it! nobody is as LUCKY as me. like i said, OH ...STAR LIGHT STAR BRIGHT -_-

And my plans have now changed, thailand was supposed to be a small small wedding for closest friends and family only... and my mommy's kampung people.. and m'sia was not so BIG also lah.. but now, its changed, 8months to the wedding, and airasia's free ticket has caused a massive typhoon, msia will be as tiny as possible, and small cosy wedding for the most important people in our lives only (CHE WAH) ... (its true yknow, u r important to us)

and thailand is gonna be BIGBIG ceremony..

and my parents says i'm repeating their history.. (audience: aawwww)

they had 5 tables in msia, NO invitation card, and 50 tables in thailand! they had their wedding during loykratong too, Aunty Mary went for their wedding, and She is coming for mine! :)

in one week, i helped booked 20over air tickets, searched, surveyed, viewed venues, met up with neptune view studio (wedding videographers)... actually in 3 days!

8 months to the wedding, this is what am doing!

...................... i really dunno what am blogging about! :\ (bride-to-be disease)

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