Thursday, September 25, 2008

YES, I do!

26th August 2008, Mervin proposed to me along the beautiful shores of Perhentian Island @ bubbles resort.

Honestly, i don't think i said YES. haha! all i remember was.. WAHHH.. HAHAHAHAA! like a kid on christmas day. The joy of receiving so many toys. In my case, a diamond ring = a toy? :P

Sooo.. after the few days of spreading my joy to the closest friends and family.. It was time to start planning for the BIG day.. (the day my hair started dropping, the day i grind my teeth even more)

Firstly, it was time to meet the LIMS. :) scary and awkward.. watching the Soons talking to the Lims. My dad was so professional.. he went right into the topic, and though my dad can be really fierce and stern with us kids. He was very open that day.. he explained the process, and spoke very diplomatically (couples may end up breaking up b'cos the meet the parents went haywire), as usual my mom served food. Food makes important discussion like this, easier.

after the meeting, the conclusion was 'anything, anything, we very ching chai wan, as long as our kids are happy'

So to cut the story short... (i very cheong hei).. our wedding date is .........

24th Oct 2009 in Malaysia

31st Oct 2009 in Thailand

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