Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm a low budget bride..

We allocated RM4000 for a bridal shop package. Mervin & I went to Vogue Collection at SS2. peiming took her bridal shots there, and we love vogue, because they're not so typical chinese shop, they speak english, and their shots are natural, not so posy, and fun.

We spoke to Daniel, the manager. and the package was RM3888 for pre wedding shots. When peiming signed up last year it was RM3688! When we were discussing about how pre wedding shots come about.. it's a trend.. a taiwanese trend.. during our parent's time, all they did was, stop by at the studio and snap a photo. that's it! But now, u have 6 costumes, 2 wedding gowns, 2 evening gowns, 2 costumes. Some even dress you up in kimono/ korean outfit/ with hello kitty. etc.. It's really unnecessary (our point of view). So that's when Daniel told us, why not take our actual wedding shots package. It's RM3999, you take all your photos back, you don't have to pay extra for additional poses, and it's meaningful.

Mervin was like, YES. i Like the idea!! and he said, if you signed up BY friday.. i'll throw in a photoframe. (pressure)

Lucky, we didn't allow him to pressure us to sign up.. and we said.. let's think about it..

So.. i surveyed .. Bridal Concept.. I don't like the manager. X

When finding for your bridal shop, you have to see if you like the style of the photographer, the Sales consultant, and of course the GOWNS.

I went to ever after.. they're not too bad.. i went to Sophia, i quite like them.. i went to bridal art, i think their package is one of the most expensive in terms of poses. I went to wedding couture.. and their one of the most flexible bridal shops.. And they have nice gowns.. and the sales consultant and I managed to click right away.. like old buddies.. and they meet my budget.. however mervin still like vogue, so we went back there, since they said they're very flexible, so we told them what we wanted.. and they said sorry, we can't do it for you.

Yes. the winner is... (drum roll)

So now, i have pre wedding shots & actual day shots too! YAYYY!

(all this surveying & decision making took me 3 weeks)

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