Thursday, September 25, 2008

a picture is worth a thousand words

pictures on the 24th oct 09, is gonna worth more than words to me..

choosing our actual photographer is tough.. if i grew a money tree at my backyard. i can throw this party every year! :P i don't have to crack my head everytime i have to decide who is the best, who can i afford..

i'm a member of Many brides to be, and ex brides to be.. haha.. they give great advises and insights to the consumers mind. (hey, now u don't need to pay ppl to come for your focus group)

that's where i found, they meet my budget and they're passion, well seem passion about photography..

Anyway, before deciding on the first photographers i surveyed, i sent an email to Yeh, wondrousvision, and i loveeee edmundtham.. but... the extra 2k i can do tons with it.. so byebye edmund and hello

i haven't bank in the deposit yet.. apparently even if i tell them YES, you're hired. and if NOW someone says here's your 30% and i want you on the 24th Oct 09. BYEBYE sweefong.. i'm booked!

that reminds me, i have to bank in the $$ later.. :( more $$ going out...

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