Thursday, September 25, 2008

garden wedding? yes? no?

Now.. we have to find for a venue to throw our BIG party! probably the most expensive party we'll ever throw in our lives! and that is why, it is suppose to happen only once in OUR life time. and i hate it that its a once in a life time event. haha.. why can't it be like a birthday party..

yknow, just throw a bbq party, invite friends and family. and if the chicken is burnt, i'll just order KFC instead. If bbq was a bad idea, next year i'll do a steamboat party...

Anyway, because of the fuel increased, and everything that has a price tag increased! hence, next year everything like hotel, make up artist, etc.. is gonna increase!! YIKES!!

Merv & i split our duties, he is in charge of venue. We always dreamt of a garden wedding, however after much surveying, our folks were surprised its the same price with a sit down ballroom dinner! so of course, they said, 'since same price, why not we sit down, let them serve us and air cond room summore'

Thenn.. we started searching for other options, Holiday Villa, Subang's cheapest RM888++ per table, year 2009 cheapest RM1088++ per table. (see what i mean, everything going up) One world (my dad's choice) RM1488++, oh.. but 24th oct, its booked! on waiting list... and the list goes onnnnnnn...

We went to Palace of the Golden Horses, they have garden wedding, and the Mines Resort, they have beach wedding! YAY! beach wedding.. but after stepping on to their 'beach', so sad,
i was like, CHEH liddat only isit..

So we're back to square one..


palace of the golden horses - garden wedding
the back drop - and the 'lake view'