Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TiPS from the excited bride-2-B #268

Through my 6 months experience of planning our wedding, and searching for venues twice for just one wedding. o_o

*drum roll*

Don't bother paying full amount for deposit. We didn't the 1st time with Bangi EQ, and lucky for that, they promised that they would refund our deposit in 2-3 weeks time, and this is the 4th week, and still no $$ in our bank account.

The black and white, says RM5,000 deposit, we told them we will pay RM2,500 and in December we will pay the other half, but when December came, they didn't bother to follow up with us, So of course, we rather keep our money in our bank account rightt..

AND... with Oriental Pearl Tai Tong, AGAIN, black and white says, RM3,000 deposit, and this round it says, no refund of deposit, we paid half of the deposit, and our agreement is to pay the other half on the our food tasting night...

So tip number 268, Don't have to pay full amount of deposit!! :) The skill is, negotiate negotiate negotiate!

GooD Luck!!

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