Friday, March 13, 2009

choosing my new best friend

I bet couple number 1 won with a landslide! :) anyhow, we're glad you've voted. thank you very much!! hugs & kisses!

Venue - checked
Bridal shop - checked
Photographer - checked
Videographer - checked
Gowns - almost checked

Now it's time for choosing my make up artist. After my previous blog about how to choose a make up artist , which is.. i dunno how at that time, but after 3 trials!! I think i can tell you my opinion now..

1st! you must like her face, because she's gonna stand real close!

2nd! you must also like her as a friend, because you have to trust her to make you look pretty!

3rd! she knows what she is doing, she's the professional, so we don't tell them what to do, rite? but then leh, she should be able to accept feedbacks.

4th! again, feel comfortable with her, nice person, as though u want her to be your next best friend! :)

5th! doesn't criticize your face/ skin / eyes/ hair... that's why we hire them, to make us look pretty!! and to tell us we are pretty. hahahaha!

6th! she is attentive and detailed person

7th! uses product that suits your face / skin type etc

8th! is good with styling hair too!

done by carmen, senior artist, from wedding isle , hartamas office
feedbacks from my friends are love the smokey eyes, lip color not so suitable, foundation a bit cakey n made my face lumpy, for some reason, my eye bags looks more obvious, oh and i look tan?
she kept on rubbing my eye bags with cotton bud to clean the black eye shadow, that i think it made my eyes a bit sore, i had to ask her what about my lips, and then she only put lipstick on for me, not so attentive to me, because i ask her, the black eye shadow on my face, you would clean that right on actual day, then she asked me, where? and took cotton bud and clean it. and i walked out with the hair clip she clipped on my hair.
i like her day make up though. But you only can see ONE EYE of the day make up.
cost: Trial rm100, only make up. took approx. 1 hr
actual day 2 sessions in one day is rm800 inclusive of fake lashes and ampoule and simple hair accessories.

done by shin kitt, a freelancer. trial have to go to Puchong

Honestly, i quite like her, and i want her to be my next best friend! :)

Feedback from friends, eyes a bit fierce, and makes my eyes far apart. Hair is messy. Hair looks sophisticated. Lip color is nice and natural.
Cost: Rm100 trial - hair and make up. approx. 1 1/2 hr.
Actual day, 2 sessions in a day - RM1000 without fake lashes n ampoule

Done by Gene Lim - freelancer
feedback from friends, eyes looks puffy, lime green isn't my colour.
Cost: trial RM50, make up only, have to drive to her house in Ampang.
Actual Day, 2 sessions, RM650, i think it's inclusive of lashes. (i just checked her site, it's now RM800)
I noticed my comment about Carmen is longer, maybe cause my experience with her is very fresh in my head, compared to Gene's cos i did that trial in January or December! :)

So do you think the saying, 'yat fan chin yat fan fo' in cantonese, or if you pay peanuts you'll get monkeys? can be used for make up artist?
*deep thoughts*


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