Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Soon's

WE ARE, Officially MR & MRS Soon!

The stress is off our shoulder, i'm finally eating like my usual self. Can you believe it, i LOST 4 kgs!!! (and i bet merv put on weight) My clothes are so loose now, even my red evening gown was quite loose (and i've altered it few days before the wedding) we have to say thank you to our friends and family.. YES, of course especially to those who have traveled across the world to be with us in Malaysia and in Chiangmai!

I think our wedding was very successful, (hehe) though we had a lil' hic cup, like our videographer was 1 hour and 45 minutes late. He was supposed to be at our house at 7am, but due to his malfunction of ALARM CLOCK, and if we didn't call at 8am. He probably missed our whole wedding. BUT because he was late, me and the girls managed to take some BEAUTIFUL photos with our BEAUTIFUL umbrellas. I must say, the umbrellas were a GREAT hit! Guest wanting to bring them home. Sorry, we only have 30 pieces, and even that, it was a 'SOLD OUT'.. by the end of the dinner, it was all taken!

My HAIR and FLOWER went hay wire, probably because i wasn't any ordinary bride, i was excited and FULL of energy! Either that, rose was super heavy, before the groom arrived, it fell off from my hair, *boo hoo* then before i arrived the groom's house, my veil and hair all fell apart. Thank god i told myself things like this would happen, no matter how organised us brides are, disasters are bound to happen depending big or small. SO i consider this a small issue lah. My girls were there to rescue, and thankful of PeiMing & Craven's Alphard, we had enough space for the girls to sit behind and help me with the hair, we had to say byebye to the heavy rose.. :(

I was too tired to eat anything for lunch, too tired to eat our yummy dinner.. stomach was empty to drink any of the wine. LUCKY i have Su Ann as my sister in law, who came into the room in the morning and gave me this AWFUL tasting chicken essence, that probably gave me the energy to not faint on our wedding day. (i had it when i was in Chiangmai too)

We felt so much love on the 24th October, our great wonderful friends, they made the wedding smooth and "colourful". A lot of fun and laughter all in one day. (i'll do my thanks of a separate blog) Our childhood montage is a present from Clement, Jon, Danny, Kevin and Alvin. Thanks guys! we love you so-so much, and everybody loves the video. Also thanks to David, from Munching Monsters!

am now looking forward to Edwin and Wendy's wedding, it's now our turn to enjoy the evening. *hehe*

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Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

the 'soon' to be are getting hitched! said...

hey thanks! and b'cos of your comment we've decided to blog again.. life after wedding :)